Wild Horses of the Namib

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Contributing to the scenery, the Wild Horses of the Namib remind us of untethered freedom and appeal to our soul to embrace the wonderful adventure of life in its entirety.

Wild Horses of the Namib

They roam the sparsely vegetated plains of the Namib Desert in small groups: the Wild Horses.

Over the decades they have conquered the desert as their habitat. They come to drink from the trough at Garub, some 20 km west of Aus. From a hide you can watch the horses and take pictures.

A short hike takes you to a lookout point with a unique view into the vast landscape and at a Land Art work of art. A 100x150m galloping horse has been set in stone on the plains of Klein-Aus Vista Lodge in south-western Namibia in honour of Namibia’s century-old population of wild horses.

Visit the website www.wild-horses-namibia.com for more information on the Wild Horses of the Namib.

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