Horse Riding

Experience nature from horseback.  

Riding a Namibian bred horse across the vast desert landscape is something to be experienced. A relaxed, authentic journey of the natural sights is something not to be missed. 

Collect your courage, collect your horse, and rediscover your freedom!

Klein-Aus Vista Horse Riding Information


The prime accommodation option for horse riders, Geisterschlucht Cabin, is featured under accommodation, if you would like to have a look. You can also stay at the Desert Horse Campsite, at the Desert Horse Inn or at the Eagle's Nest Chalets

Basic Requirements

Please note: Experienced riders only. You have to be confident at a trot and be able to post to the trot. If you are not sure of your ability, please contact us and we will be able to tell you whether these trails are suitable for you.

Bookings & Prices

The rates for riding do not include accommodation. So it's your choice where you want to stay. Meals can be enjoyed at the Desert Horse Inn restaurant. 

*Pre-booking is essential two weeks in advance* 

For more information please contact Anri horsetrails(at)

On the Horse

Enjoy our horseriding trips and spend some time in the saddle. The riding is adapted to your ability, and the guide will decide how fast to ride, according to your comfort levels. Please note, that only experienced riders can be taken on the rides.

Other activities can be included and made allowances for. For instance if two people are cyclists and two are horse riders then the itinerary can be adapted so that the activities meet up at certain points and the accommodation is shared. Please contact us for further information if this is an option for you. 

Rides offered for 2018

Kindly note that all Horse Rides offered below have been suspended due to the prolonged drought. We will advise once the situation improves. 
Half day morning ride: 4 hours Rate incl. VAT
Min. 2 and max. 5 persons per ride, drinks and lunch included N$ 950 pp.
Day ride: 7-8 hours Rate incl. VAT
Start in the morning, min. 2 and max. 5 persons per ride, drinks & lunch included N$ 1500 pp.
2 nights, 2 days ride: 7-8 hours per day Rate incl. VAT
Start in the morning, min. 2 and max. 5 persons per ride, drinks & lunch included N$ 2900 pp.


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